I'm just having a hard time understanding the syntax of C++. The book(How to program C++ (fifth edition), by Deitel & Deitel) that my school recommended is impossible for me to understand of what is going on. Can anyone offer any advice or suggestion in making the learning curve of C++ easier? Is there any hope for me learning or am i doomed? Thx!!

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Don't feel too bad -- most of us were in your shoes. There is a sticky thread about additional c++ books you might want to read. If you have a few specific questions then just post them here.

You are at the right place and you have hell lot of information available on web about CPP . Here are your books,time saving tips and practice problems. You had all these at the page start itself ;).

And, clearly, if you're having a hard time with anything in particular, ask us here!

Take a look here for some more information. Remember google is your friend, and post here for help. Good luck learning C++.

As all my mates said, we were in same situation and that book you mentioned is totally crap.

See the links provided above from members, once you need a help don't hesitate to post it ^^

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