due to someone elses post about a keylogger, i wanted to use the program:

# get the character of a key pressed (no return key needed)
# works only in the command window and with Windows OS
# msvcrt.dll is the MS C library containing most standard C functions

from msvcrt import getch
while ord(getch()) != 27:
    z = getch()
    print z

but i was wondering how i could modify it so that it could be used to email a list of characters entered between a certain timeframe (could be described as an arg in a function) to a email specified in the program.
just in case you were wondering, lots of people have been using my computer for illegal things and i want to find out how they are getting past my blocks so i thought this would be the best way

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cool thanks, if i find any parts that i dont understand would you be ok with explaining them?


As for making the keylogger, you may want to have a look at pyhook, which can capture all keyboard events and mouse clicks in Windows (so even when your program's window isn't in focus). Definitely a useful thing to have access to for your purposes.

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