Can this be done in Python?.. which is done in perl.

print "print somting...";
print "print somting...";

All the print statement between the lines "*STDOUT = *FHSAVE;" will be written in to test.txt. Is there any way to do this in python.


In Python it would look like:

fout = open("test1.txt", "w")
fout.write("save something ...\n")
fout.write("save something more ...\n")

# or C++ style (allowed in Python2)
fout = open("test2.txt", "w")
print >>fout, "save something ..."
print >>fout, "save something more ..."

# more like PERL
import sys

old = sys.stdout
sys.stdout = file("test3.txt", "w")
print "save something ..."
print "save something more ..."

# reset
sys.stdout = old
commented: Yep, that about covers it :-) +1