i need a code where you cannot put to more than ane letter a, or more than one letter b........................just one letter

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Try again, this time with a complete, understandable sentence.

Is there a program where no duplicate are allowed, in letter, for example user enter ‘A’ then user enter ‘a’, then user enter ‘a’, it will say please enter a different letter

You can write a program that will obtain user input and then examine this text to see whether it contains duplicates. If the verification fails, you may elect to loop back and prompt for the same input again.

where the code, there no pint telling me how it works, i need codes


Surely you can come up with some 10 lines of an initial attempt?

>there no pint telling me how it works, i need codes
If there's no point in us telling you how it works, then you aren't capable of writing even the simplest code, so giving you code is equally pointless.


He was doomed from the start. An ineffective subject line.... Please what? I hope he takes the chance to actually learn from this, and not to merely copy things. I also hope that no one gives him the easy way out.


Try this baboon4000.

1. Create a table of 26 elements (A - Z)

2. Everytime you use a letter check the value of the corresponding element of the array and if it hasn't been used yet invert its state.

To tell you the truth, it probably took you longer to ask the question and check this board than it would have to write the program in the first place.

Probably be a good idea to stay away from "i need a code","where the code","i need codes"

there no need to be like that, am sorry if i upset you, thanks anywhere for your advice

i need the codes

Read the announcement. Make an attempt. Try again.

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