I am totally new to crystal reports and i need to print invoices from C# with the data stored in SQL.
Now i can retireve the data and display it in the report however, i cannot properly display it.
The problem is that e.g. i want to print out 2 invoices both for different customers, and my query is running fine and thus retrieving data fine.
However, when it displays it in crystal report viewer, it has all (products for both customers) under one customer's heading i.e. it shows e.g. customer 1 but it would list all the products for customer 1 and customer 2.

I think this is the problem with crystal report design as to where i put the data fields in. Please note that the customer details are in header section and products are in details section so all of them are shown.

Please let me know what i can do

Thanks in Advance


Select group on customer table's primary key field.

Exactly like what adatapost have said, but I think you built your query well then please attach your solution to know where your problem in.