I'm working on a web browser that will have the option to block ad components such as
1. <img src="your block url" />
2. <script src="your block url" type="text/javascript"></script>
3. <iframe src="your block url"></iframe>
4. <embed src="your block url"></embed>
5. <frame src="your block url" />
6. <div> tags

Now I found a great Ad Blocker for IE: http://www.ie7pro.com/ad-blocker.html, but I dnt know If I can use that. The other things I found was to use the Background Helper Obejct which is not available in the control. Any suggestions?

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You're working in web browser so you have full control to handle what to get and what to not. but if you're relay on some made controls you need to see if they have any interfaces to those functionalities so you can call them from external application.


Ok, please bear with me while I try to experiment a bit with the inner html.


Please clarify what's your project what did you do by your hand and what components you'll use, because I've nor experience about developing web browsing applications

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