Hi Guys,

I have hit a wall with a problem that does not allow me to go any further. Here is what I am developing.

Firstly, I am using Spring MVC and Java to develop this small application.

I have a form input screen which populates records to DB. Also, I can search input screen which searches for that record, by passing name input field as parameter. When, this record is found it
displays on jsp page. On the JSP page I have a "Edit" option to edit the details and update these details also.

Up till this point everything has been done.
My problem:
Since, I amend the data fields to be updated, I have a requirement to "Log all the changes that occur on that record.....Company, Address and Name enteties". I suppose the question is how can you guys help me to impliment this peace of requirement on my story?

Your help is much appreciated since I am stuck.

Many thanks,

The most simple approach would be to put logging statements in your setter methods of your value objects i.e. Employee, Company, Address etc.

However if all you need to do is log the old and new values i.e. the same thing for each value object, you might consider looking into the AOP support of spring. Posting at the Spring forums might help.

Some other links you might find interesting:
- http://www.developer.com/java/other/article.php/3621276
- http://www.devx.com/Java/Article/39964/1763/page/1