Well, I recently acquired Delphi for no apparent reason /shrug. And since I'm about to start learning a new programming language (haven't decided which one), I was wondering in Delphi uses Pascal. And if so, what can be done with Delphi/Pascal. What are some good resources for Pascal/Delphi. Online references as well as books would be splendid. I'm sure this is somewhere on here but I don't have the time atm to go digging around the community looking for the answers, sorry if it is a re-post.

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Well I've figured it out....kind of. Anyone know any good references for Delphi/Object Pascal? It would be awesome if there were video tutorials that were free, but I'll settle for anything free atm :)

Thanks!!!! I've downloaded it and will be sifting through it along with a few other resources I've come across. Has anyone here heard of 3dbuzz.com? I found it looking for something else (C++ related). They've got a ton of hours of free video for different programming languages/tools. Just Delphi alone they have a 41 minute video and a 70-something minute video. C++ has about 6 different videos I think.

They're mostly catered towards completely new people for the languages, which is great if you're just startin out.

you can get nice codes as examples at swissdelphi. But if u want a book, the best in delphi is DELPHI BIBLE from Marcus Cantu. I have many editions of it, since i work with delphi since the first version.

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