What are you guys using for version control in conjunction to Visual Studio?

I am currently using Tortoise Bazaar, and it shipped broken, had to edit a file just to get it to run. Other wise its effective, only it is a console interface. and although I know many that use console apps, I personally don't like to worry with typing everything. I would prefer some buttons and some icons. i type enough when I am codding, thank you auto-complete!

any suggestions on good version control apps?

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Subversion + Trac + Tortoise SVN.

I personally do not like source control integrated with Visual Studio because when the IDE eats a project I don't want it committing changes and locking files in the repository without my knowledge. To me source control and the IDE should be autonomous. The way tortoise works is with Explorer shell extensions so you just keep windows explorer open in your project directory and when you are ready to commit files you right click on the directory and select "committ". It has a lot of GUI windows for managing the repository.

Trac allows you to create a ticketing system and it integrates with SVN via webdav-svn. If I create a bug report ticket and it is numbered #73 I can commit the changes with "Fixed broken button. Fixes #73." and it will automatically close the ticket and link the changeset for the fix to the ticket. Likewise you can commit with "Re #73" and it will create a note on the ticket with the changeset linked but not close it. You can post tickets by version so it is aligned with the versions of code you release in your assembly.

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Valuable input on version control.

Thanks for the reply. Im not familiar with trac, I shall look into that.

Version control is new to me, I am a self-taught programmer and I had never taken though of it. I just though everyone made tons of copies manually of their code. I'm one of those last one to know everything kind of guys. but I get along alright.

again, I appreciate it.

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