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A good site is github. They have private and public repositories, but you have to pay for the private ones.


You can get that 2GB of free space @ Mozy, I am not completely sure its totally free, but they advertise that. Its kinda like a repository.

But if you just want to 'Park' things or 'Store' them then any upload site can just about work.


dang, beats my 2GB all to pieces. I actually normally use FileFront for a hosting type deal, but its not private anyone can look your stuff up and download it..


With a Zymic account, you could just change whatever folder you're using for storage so that the permissions don't allow public reading/executing.

I use my account with them a lot for storage, but I also do run a simple photography page off it it too.

This differs from FileFront though because this isn't just file hosting - it's a personal website essentially.


Yeah it dose, I have actually never seen a website offer 6GB of free space..If that much is truly free.. Normally its 500mb or maybe 1GB.. But that sounds like a good thing to have..


Shameless promotion:


I use bluehost.com to host the site, and I put all sorts of other junk on it too, because as far as I can tell it's unlimited. Also unlimited subdirectories.

But I pay for it. And as many of you know, you have to pay up front for websites. $5 a month isn't much, but $5x36 (3 years) makes a dent on my credit card statement. But if you're willing to shell out the $200 (you get discounts for longer time) you get your storage and a domain.

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