Hi im new in this program but i want to work with C++... i know the basic comands but i want to make the interface o litlle game.... but i dont understand how....

but there is for 3D, but i want for begin in 2D, can someone give me something were i can learn or work easy with it....?

but there is for 3D, but i want for begin in 2D, can someone give me something were i can learn or work easy with it....?

Vague questions are likely going to give you answers that don't fit what you want because people don't KNOW what you want. You need to give far more details to get a decent answer. What kind of game? Is it a GUI game or a console game? How complicated is this game going to get? What does "I know the basic commands" mean? Programming a game can be anything from "Guess a number from 1 to 10" to a 1000 player World of Warcraft game.

ok.... i want to make something like Super Mario.... how much i know about C++... how i say at the begin im new in this program... i read some books about C and C++ wach video on the internet, but there i didn't find something wich can help me with making a game... I dont know how to ask normal... but i want to make a easy game like Mario meby only one level. Is someone who can help me to find books or videos or something like this, something wich can help me with this... Thx... ;)

As you've been rather vague, I can only assume that you're working with a win32 platform. If this is the case, search for "sprite based" game programming. Oddly enough, once you've read up on that, the MSDN documentation for GDI+ will give the rest of the help that you need.

I suggest that any further posts be MUCH more informative, as VernonDozier has suggested.

If you don't know a lot in C++, why don't you start making simpler games like tic tac toe or Who wants to be a millionaire? As to how to make the games, well TTT is really easy. All you need is couple of if statements and while/for loops. for WWTBM, you should use functions and different loops as you see fit.

I am sure google can provide you with more detailed instructions but be careful, it can also provide you with ready code that will just ruin the learning part...

Good luck!

EDIT : I made who wants to be a millionaire in Pascal for my comp sci asssignmet. If you want to know how I did it, PM me. But, I made it in pascal. I am sure i can help with C++ as well if you want to stick to it!

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