Hey guys,

I have got one problem.... I am very new to wxpython. I have coded a program which takes input in the terminal and I would like to take the file as input (a photo) with an interface... like when we upload pics in internet we get a file browsing interface.... I need it very urgently...

I mean finally I would like to know that.... if I run my program then immediately an interface should appear asking to browse a file (a photo.. because my program takes a pic and output the text in it.

So, please help me out here...... Its very urgent guyzz... So, please....

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I am very new as I said.... so can you send me the whole code... please... its really important...



First of all thanks vegaseat..... and Actually I have wrote a python program which takes the input (image).... So now I need a wxpython code which asks for an input (image) and then gives that input to the python program which I have coded first.... So, please can you help me out here

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