Hi All,

I am just picking up C# and WPF applications so bear with me (started yesterday :)).

What I have at the moment:
A window with some text boxes, these text boxes are filled with data from a database using databinding to a custom class. When I update one value I can see that the property breakpoint is being fired and if I set multiple text boxes to use the same Path, I can see the value change in the other boxes when I change one of them .. This is great and is working as I need it to

The problem:
I am trying to access the values when a user clicks the Ok button on the form but when I access the values they are not the updated values but the default ones I set when I created the object.

I am assuming this is because the XAML creates it's own instance of the object so the values IT see's are the correct updated ones but the ones I try and access when the user hits Ok haven't actually been changed. Is this correct? If so, does anyone have any ideas to achieve what I am looking to do?

Thanks in advance ;)

I may have answered my question I think. I found this article:


Ironically this is actually reporting a bug in code but it seems the concept of what the code does is what I am trying to achieve. I have done a mock up and it seems to work as well :)

Will post back if I have any problems.