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Well before you even ask a question like that, you need to understand or at least know the difference between OO languages and "procedural" languages.

You ask a question with 9 words and expect a answer giving you the full rundown on why c is not considered an OO language (or program?).

It's your first post, so we don't have any idea of your background or understanding of languages in general .. my call .. this is either a question for a an assignment and you're too lazy to at least have put in some effort to do a bit of research and structure your question with a little more thought.



I suppose that you are studying C programming. First thing is that this is not a question for a specific answer, and the second, You are not allowed to post your questions in random sections.
I recommend you to study any Object Oriented Programming like C++, Java (Better C++) etc, You will understand the feelings of Object Oriented Programming, and probably if you have a little sense you will understand why C Programming is not a Object Oriented Programming.


C'mon guys, the answer is simple.

why C is a not a object oriented program ?

Because it was designed as a procedural language. Simple as that.

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One single moment of clarity, then C++ was invented ;)
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