Hello, me again. Sorry for asking such a silly question, but I need the consultation of you guys, experts in my sights. :D Well, basically, I've been fiddling around a lot with C++, looking at various tutorials at the internet, making simple programs such as Calculators, password-protected stuff which spit out a word or something similar. But I want to move on to bigger projects. So right now I took the book "Learn C++ in 21 Days" and I'm currently on Day 3 and so far, it looks good. I've got it all printed out and organized, so it's good for me to learn through that (Can't copy paste, since it's on paperback :P)

But now I've got another problem. I've been browsing around for a lot of books which would teach me how to make a simple game. I don't want anything fancy or confusing at start. And I'd really love a book which would explain a lot, show stuff and explain everything clearly, not books like "Ok copy-paste that function there and then we can move on to other stuff". I hope you get my drift. So at first I found this. Programming Role-Playing Games with DirectX. At a first glance, it seemed like I'm in heaven, that I found the right book. And I was about to order it, but then I looked at the comments and they were pretty bad. It has more 1 stars than more 5 stars. I also looked over the internet for reviews about the book and all say it's bad, that he just says "Do that and then that, I'd explain but it'd take too much space.".

Looking around for more, I found this. Programming Multiplayer DirectX Game. That is something what I really want. My aim is to make a multiplayer/singleplayer first-person shooter, which would be really simple. Join the game > Spawn with a weapon > Move around the world and shoot. Something like Soldier of Fortune II used to be, but of course simpler. :) It seems to have nice reviews too, 9 five-stars and only 1 one-star.

I also found this. Programming an RTS Game using Direct3D. I also really like RTS/RPG games and I'd like to do something like that, too.

But then I thought, "Why am I jumping straight into making games? Maybe I should start with something easier ... ?" and found Beginning C++ through Game Programming and Beginning DirectX 9.

I can't really decide ... Please help me choose something what would be good. I have a burning desire to make games ... and stuff with C++.

Your loyal servant,