I'm using MS visual studio 6 for a C++ program. I am able to run the program from IDE, but when I've attempted to run it from the command line, I get a message the program name is unrecognizable. I've included the following code:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])

But I've noticed that after building the project I don't have an .exe in the workspace.
My question is: are there any project or workspace configuration steps that I must follow in order to get the .exe file? or what could it be that I'm doing wrong?

Thank you all in advance.

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>But I've noticed that after building the project I don't have an .exe in the workspace.
Look in the Debug folder.

When you created this project you may have inadvertantly selected of the 15 choices the wrong type. In your case Win32 Console Application would have been the one you wanted. There are also several other settings that could have been corrupted, so the simplest thing to do is create a new console project, attach your headers and source files and re-build.

Narue & Tight Coder:
Thank you two for your input, the project is set to Win32 console application, but I found the .exe in the release folder.

Thanks again guys.

>but I found the .exe in the release folder.
I was close. Most people who post questions here I wouldn't expect to compile in release mode.

I do have another question though,
Now that I have located and ran the .exe from the command line, the program isn't running correctly, while it does from IDE. At this stage I'm not actually passing any arguments to main, I'm simply calling the program as follows:


Is this a common problem caused by something I've overlooked (or needs to be modified) or is related entirely to my code?

Your help is highly appreciated.

If the program relies on command line arguments, not passing them will result in incorrect behavior (in the form of an error message if you wrote your program correctly).

I got it, Thanks again.

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