Can any one suggest me some online material for "List with static array" example codes ?

What do you mean. Something like this :

static int Array[5] = {1,2,3,4,5};

I meant code examples or study material for linked list using static arrays.

what part of that are you having problem with? Starting it?

You will learn a lot more if you give it a try then see the solution,
then just study the solution.

I need to code for an application which is a schedule program which can control appointments and cancel days.

The output screen should -
1) ask us to input an arranged day.
2) to delete an arranged day.
3) to display all arranged day(s).

I wrote a header file, now i need to write a list.cpp and main.cpp file
The header file is like this.


class List
   /**** Function members*****/
      List();       // constructor

      bool empty() const

      void insert(char days, int pos);

      void erase(int pos);

      void display(ostream & out) const

    /****** Data Members *******/
        int mySize;
        Char days[5];

 }; //---- end of List class

      ostream & operator<< (ostream & out, const List & aList);

The output screen should be like this.

Enter one of the following:
1 to insert an arranged day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
2 to delete an arranged day
3 to display all arranged day(s)
C:> 1
Enter the arranged day: Monday
The arranged day list: Monday
C:> 1
Enter the arranged day: Wednesday
The arranged day list: Monday, Wednesday
Your arranged day list: Monday, Wednesday
Enter deleting day: Monday

Can anybody suggest me some study material which goes into the details of linked list.