And thankyou for your help! I've been programming professionally since 1979 and have built multi-million line programs. But over the years I've been isolated as to designing and building new technology in Skunk Works type groups. But in the past few years (due to multi-million dollar budgets and management calling the shots) I've been reassigned to revisioning code written by others and have found myself in trouble understanding their code. I've been posting here the last month or so as a method of re-tooling myself. By going back and working on entry level programs written by others it has actually helped me. I've programmed in many languages, many processors in assembly but must admit I'm a tad rusty with MIPS as haven't touched it in a couple years. Usually its SIMD instructions on 80x86, ALTIVEC.

I'll need to wrap this up though this code can actually be heavily optimized but until you have a much better understanding of the MIPS processor and its instruction set, it would not be appropriate to do so now!


Thank you so much for your help..

I ran it I'm getting this error..is it supposed to be something else other than v?

Error in Assembly2 line 260 position 5: "$vo": operand is of incorrect type
Error in Assembly2 line 277 position 5: "$vo": operand is of incorrect type
Error in Assembly2 line 309 position 5: "$vo": operand is of incorrect type
Assemble: operation completed with errors.


Also I had a question about the industry. I started off learning Java, thats the code I'm most familiar with..The lab I went to told me its impossible to find a job knowing java., and you have to be an expert in C++, I was thinking about taking a c++ course.Do you think this is true?


Yes, $v0 $v zero $vo is a mistake!

There are many languages out there. Some companies build applications using Java. Some C, Pascal, Visual Basic, Basic, Fortran, Cobol (though fewer and fewer), Some using C++. Some whom don't despise Microsoft use C#. And others!

But I'd have to say C++ is the primary language for the past few years. It has problems but they too difficult.

"As the Ogor said, An Ogor is like an onion. They have Layers!"

Wel so do Object Oriented Languages like C++.

I recommend you work on your debugging skills. And yes, take a C++ class. There are lots of people almost always on hand to jump in and help you out, as long as you post code you attempted. And learn to debug! It is a tad irritating when a poster could have solved their own problem if they only ran the debugger and looked at what the code was doing! Next session classes starts in a week or two. Sign up for the class and buy the book now and start experimenting from page 1.

And there's a biggy. You may have noticed that I would go away for awhile, come back, review the latest code drop and find things to change! Programming to some is a chore. Programming to some is an art form. The idea is to polish.

Read up on the Japanese method of Kaizen. Quality throught thousands of changes!

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