way back 2006 when im interested in programming, but sad to say i wasnt able to pursue , I work in Hardware and now im in Software Company, and I need to Gain my Knowledge in Programming..

Who is outhere that can help me gain back my skills in Programming
anything that helps,
tutotrials? Basic things to Know? anything that can lead me..

Please Send me Comments n Suggestions.. Thank You..

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thnks for your suggestion guys..

i wish it could help me..



I recently have gone through some life changes where I have switched platforms and languages, from IBM's RPG series of languages RPG2, RPG3, RPG3, RPG-ile, of which I was on the IBM Toronto Language Lab customer advisory council for the AS/400 - i-series platform , I helped them design the RPG-ile language! That's a feather in my career cap of 27 years, but times change and I work from home now as a freelancer and have recently embraced Visual basic while I was recovering from some medical issues which are fine now, thank you, knock on wood.

Anyway, I'm an old dog and I decided that the best way to learn new tricks was to pretend I had to do typical tasks that any prommer would have to write, thinking them through in RPG, my old language, then writing them in Visual Basic. I made a small application that is button driven that explains what each button is all about and what kind of programming task it accomplishes in VB.

You are welcome to it, I will zip it up and send you the source code for free if you want it. For the application, I used a small relational database with doctors and the medications they prescribe me.

My email is mailto:[email removed]

Good luck and it's free for the asking.

Best regards,
Bill Purkins

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