I cannot see a separator, though it adds spaces between tools. What am I doing wrong?
Here is a code below

self.toolbar.AddLabelTool(wx.ID_REDO, "redo", wx.Bitmap("./icons/edit-redo.png"))

Also what is difference between AddLabelTool() and AddSimpleTool() ?

I know that AddSeparator() works with AddSimpleTool(). Why are you using AddLabelTool()?

Because I want to show both text and Icon and I cannot do it with AddSimpleTool(). If there is a way of showing both text and icon, I will be happy to change from Label tool.

Just addition Question, is there any similar method with AddLabel Tool?

Something like ...

toolbar.AddSimpleTool(wx.ID_SAVE, self.getBMP(wx.ART_FILE_SAVE),
            "Save", " Save the text file")

... shows you the text "Save" as a popup hint

Thanks a lot. I have searched a lot and it seems with AddSimpleTool no permanent text like AddLabelTool is possible. meanwhile No separator can be seen with AddLabelTool as it is in AddSimpleTool.

That is a big dilemma!

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