hi , i m looking for a project which contains some graphics,lots of functionalities, and most of all is something different from the normal management projects (online test,hote; or lib mgmt etc).
I have thought of something related to "Stock exchange" or Artificial intelligence project(which can predict behavior of situations-"brainstorming" by if-else code).
Please help me out by suggesting abt these topics or something new...:-/

how about reverse engineering? cryptography? watermarking? cpu overlocking? game hacking?


How about a theoritical paper on quantum computing ?

Hey thnx for ur help..Please cud u give more insights on Watermarking and Reverse Engineering?Are they feasible to be built in JAVA?

And so it begins.....

If someone isn't smart enough to think of a project to do, offering them a project title doesn't do anybody any good.

First they can't think of a title, so you suggest one.
Then they can't figure out what that means, so they ask you to explain it (we've reached that step).
Then you explain it. As sure as eggs are eggs, they're going to come back and ask you how to implement it.
Then actually help them to implement it.
Then how to debug it.

See where all this is going?

Before you know what's happened, you've earned another degree. Except it won't have your name on it.

You've got some keywords, start googling and doing some reading.

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For ur info, i NEVER ask people to impliment my project..And a hate people who do so...
I have done a serach on all the topics..and thats why i liked the two of them.More INSIGHTS was to know its purposefulness,as to what use it was put by a programmer then where,bcoz this i have to specify to my project authoroties..know,as WHAT the most IMP part.And i was simply asking WHETHER its FEASIBLE in JAVA or not..
Read the post carefully before saying things..
Topic suggestions frm u are welcome too...and i promise this time i wont ask for more INSIGHTS;-)
I thought this was a DISCUSSION community...??

@sam_inquisitive, chill out man! Nobody told you were going to ask for implementation, it's just that we've all seen in here what Salem said. Surely Salem didn't mean it personaly.
Anyhow, Salem's got a point.
It's OK to discuss since, like as you point out, this is a discussion community. But you'll get more discussion if you propose a field to talk about rather than a general question on where you should go after your Java starter course ( or whatever course you studied). Also consider the following: even if you think it's difficult to have an idea, it's even more difficult to bring it to reality. That applies to programming too.
That is, if you can't think of a project that inspires you and tickles your imagination, you should ponder whether you'll be able to develop and finish it.
How about developing a browser in Java?
How about helping in sourcerforge.net projects?

Good luck and check the post as solved if you think it's solved.

hey relax brother, reverse engineering can be done in assembly language and i don't think there is any debugger which reverses back any software in java. can only do it in assembly i guess. btw, it's a nice project to work on.


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