Hope you can help me on this.
I have 4 different application develop in different languages(c/c++, c# and java), all of them already done and stable, I need to integrate those 4 application into 1 using c#.

Is this possible?

Can anyone gave me a hint or a technique or anything that I can use to, to become an all in 1 application?

I really appreciate your inputs.

thanks and best regards,


if you wanted to create an application that launches the others, and allows you to switch around between the windows, yes you can. But integrate them directly into the same application... no sir, sorry you cannot.

you could create the illusion of it. by storing the applications inside of a c# app as a resource, and extracting them, running them, then deleting them... but that would be pointless and a general bad idea.

but if your apps use DLLs, you could integrate those into your C# application. often most of the hard work in an application is done inside of an external class stored in a library, and the actual exe is just a gui and wrapper, in that case, it's doable, but as standalone apps. nah. not gonna happen.

Thank you for your quick response.