I'm currently writing a small game engine and I've downloaded the Irrlicht source code to take some tricks in the design but I have a question... why use some prefixes in the file names and what they stands for? example:


I also saw this practice in several books related to this matter, but no one explains why they do that.

I already know that the "I" prefix mean "Interface" but I don't have idea of what the "C" means.

Is that a common practice in software development?
How can I use it correctly?


The 'C' just means C-language.

>>Is that a common practice in software development?
No. Microsoft coders like to use such prefixes in their classes/structures, but not in filenames.

Just a wild guess.

C - c language?
GUI - graphical user interface
EditBox - edit box

C - c language ?
GUI - graphical user interface
Font - font

C - c language ?
XML - Extensible Markup Language
Writer - writer

well, the question is solved. Thanks!