let say I got input.txt with following thing

Kelly // name of student
67 // Biology Score
89 // Chemistry score

and I use this fscanf command to scanf all the file until EOF:

while ((fscanf (input, "%s %d %d", &studName, &bioScore, &cheScore) ) != EOF)

because the command seem quite long, is there other method to do this without using the feof function? it should be like this:

fscanf ("%s", &studName);
fscanf ("%d", &bioScore);
fscanf ("%d", &cheScore);

is there any other method that look like above (use 3 fscanf), to scan and read all the input from a file? because it look neat and tidy.

thank in advance..

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EOF != feof()
The former is a constant, and the other is a function call.

Also, this would be better while ((fscanf (input, "%s %d %d", studName, &bioScore, &cheScore) ) == 3) That is, a positive assertion of success, not a negative assertion of only one possible failure.

I'm assuming studName is a char array, in which case the & in the fscanf for this field is unnecessary.

If your goal is neat and tidy code, you should be abstracting the records into a struct and using functions to do the dirty work:

typedef struct StudentScore
    char name[SIZE];
    int biology,
int GetScoreRecord(FILE* ifs, StudentScore* score)
    return fscanf(ifs, "%s %d %d", 
                  &score->chemistry) == 3;
while (GetScoreRecord(input, &score))
    /* ... */
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