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Use the classes of namespace System.Globalization - CultureInfo class

I used it.but when I want to enter Numbers it's not in a language that I want.my code is:

InputLanguage.CurrentInputLanguage=InputLanguage.FromCulture(new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fa-IR"));

In this way Just my letters will become "Farsi" but my digits are still "english".


Change the locale setting in your machine via the control panel :)

I want when the user run the application this change happen programatically and when User close the app it returns to machine's base setting.
I understand that I should use "NativeDigits" but I don't know HOW and Where?


if you change ur local setting. only your pc will be ok.
try putting this into you web.config just below

      <globalization uiCulture="en" culture="en-US" />

if u want UK style... en-GB. hope that helps :D

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It's not a web app.
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