am new to Java and am developing a multi agent application using Jade. I have coded 1 agent using Java and the other agent using vc++.
My problem is communication between java and vc++.
1) I need to run the vc++ program within the java program for which i am using the following code.

         ( "C:\\Jade\\Debug\\program.exe" );
 catch(Throwable t)


The java program compiles without any error. But the .exe file is not being executed.
2) Also i have send in an integer data to the vc++ program from java. That data has to be sent every 15 min and so the corresponding output from vc++ program should change. can anybody tell me how to do this??
3) I am writing the vc++ output in a .txt file. This .txt file has to be read by another java program!!
I would really appreciate it if anybody could assist me
Tx in advance