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I use the compiler that comes with Visual C++, the os is vista. and by compiler directives I mean like when you use #define, #if, #endif... and so on. I have used compiler directives many times but really haven't taken a good look or thought much about them until today.


thank you very much. Now is there a compiler that will let me create them?
Would Dev let me?


Would Dev let me?

dev is a IDE not a compiler , the compiler that dev uses is the mingw.

thank you very much. Now is there a compiler that will let me create them?

can I know precisely why you need to implement a new #pragma
directive. for me I rarely use ( less than 10) pargma directives in
my whole life time. and g++ provides those most of the functionality on the link time using linker scripts.

what extractly you need to implement , may be there is a simple
way to do this. however the mingw is open source and you can
change anything. so for mingw the answer is yes. But honestly I don't know is there is a standard way to do this ( like adding a
module or a patch or something like this ).


Thank you that actually helped quite a bit and there really is no reason besides just the fact that I want to learn.


What you see today in the C pre-processor is a faint echo of how the pre-processor was originally implemented.

m4 is a macro pre-processor and then plenty.

The original C pre-processor (when C was still on a single machine in the 70's) was just an input to m4.

Oh, but you're on vista - that is unfortunate....

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m4 macro preprocessor ! Thanks for the suff , reading the wiki page.
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