I've been looking around for some good DLL Injection tutorials, because I would like to create a DLL Injector, mainly for educational purposes.

I've looked around on google for the past 20 minutes and the only things I've come up with are debates on whether its possible or not.

I saw a few that state that it is clearly possible, so now I am here to ask how I would go about creating one.

Note:: I do not want to inject C#, I want to create a C# Injector.

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I have worked on this and just presented at Black Hat - arsenal and DefCon
you can pull my work from www.Digitalbodyguard.com
I would be more then happy to give any help you need, it's easy

Just load with LoadLibaryA and give it a target, then spin up a thread.
I hope to find a better way to do this, something that could load a byte array.

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