Could you please give me some info about sharing data between forms?

I have a variable List<component> component_list; which "component" class is declared in a "Component.cs".
How to make that two forms see that class? (if I have to make something..)
And how to create "List<component> component_list" that it will be accessible ("read"/"write") from form1 and form2? Is that variable declared in the same "Component.cs" file? How to access it from each form?

Thanks in advance for you time!

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Did'nt quite get your question 100%, but i guess you could use Static variables here.

Just create a class called Shared or something. Create a static variable in this class.

public static List<Components> comp_list = new List<Components>;

Now this variable 'comp_list' can be accessed from anywhere using the following:


You can read/write from anywhere within the application.


you could instantiate it in a static class with a static property that refers to a static variable as mentioned above.

but another method would be just to instantiated it in the first form you need it in then expose it as a property of that form. then you could access it from anywhere either by passing the instance of the form to the other forms, or by using


There are many ways really. These 2 are just the popular ones. depends on how many forms you are going to have and how often you need to access the data.

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