hi friends... i have a doubt in insert query... how to write the insert query to insert the value from textfield into database table.......

Have you learned JDBC yet ?

Get the value.
Execute the query.
Check the API: java.sql. Connection, Statement, ResultSet
Ask specific questions about where are you having problem.

i had checked the connection and the database works properly when the value is given directly through insert command. but i dont know what is the query to be used to save the value available in textfile(i have used java to develope my frame)

Do you know how to open a connection in java? That should have been your question all along. If you search this forum you will find many examples on how to do this.

I don't remember the exact syntax of all the commands needed but if you search this forum you will find plenty of examples.
The key words would be the classes I have described.
Also check the API of these classes.
Also for insert, update and delete queries use the executeUpdate method that returns an int.

Hi guys, I'm new at Java but its the only thing I can use that
my teacher will accept. Can someone please help me out.
I took web mastering 1 and 2 in high school, but I don't
remember having to use Java. Are there any web sites I
can go to that will help me learn better?

On the top of this forum there is a thread with helpful information and tutorials