Hi guys,
I wrote a simple text editor using C#. It can maintain the text format like font color, and font size when text pasted to it, and I able to save it to .doc, or .rtf. When I open the saved file with appropriate application like MS Word, it read it good, but here's the problem. When I try to open the saved file into my application it can't read well due to the saved format, but when I open any file saved as normal text file it works goods.

So, how to overcome this???

Thanks in advance

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Do you use a RichTextBox or a TextBox in your application?

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how is your application any different than RichTextBox ?

if you can keep formatting when you paste into your text box, its a richtext box.

inorder to save and open ritch text formatting to a ritchtext box you must you richtextbox.SaveFile(). and richtextbox.LoadFile() receptively.

not just read and set its text property.

Thanks all of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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