Hi, for an assignment I have to do, we have to made a Stack and Queue, and read data from a file and add to queue and push onto the stack. Well, I made an array implementation of a stack that works fine, but the array implementation of the Queue is really giving me problems. I keep getting, especially surrounding my remove subroutine, a "error: conflicting types for remove" and "previous declaration of 'remove' was here" errors.

Any help would be appreciated.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "queueADT.h"

#define QUEUE_SIZE 100

struct queue_type {
	int contents[QUEUE_SIZE];
	int cursor;
	int size;

static void terminate(char *message)
	printf("%s\n", message);

Queue create()
	Queue q;
	q = malloc(sizeof(struct queue_type));
	if(q == NULL)	
		terminate("Error in create: Queue could not be created.");
	q->cursor = 0;
	q->size = 0;		//Size is zero because no elements have been added yet
	return q;

void destroy(Queue q)

bool is_empty(Queue q)
	return q->size == 0;

bool is_full(Queue q)
	return q->size == QUEUE_SIZE;

void add(Queue q, int i)		//Adds an element to the end of the queue
	int last = get_last(q);		//finds last occupied spot in the queue
	while(q->cursor<=QUEUE_SIZE)		//Makes sure you dont go out of bounds

int remove(Queue q)	//Removes the first element from the queue
	 get_first(q);		//MAKE SURE IT MOVES THE CURSOR!!!!!
	int removed = q->contents[0];	//Saves the item to return it
	q->cursor++;		//Prepares to move the element
	while(q->cursor<q->size)	//Should shift each element one to the left without
	{				//going out of bounds
		q->contents[q->cursor] = q->contents[q->cursor-1];

	return removed;

void get_first(Queue q)		//Moves the cursor to zero since you already know
{				//where the first item is

int get_next(Queue q)		//returns index of the next item in the queue and moves the cursor there
	return q->cursor;

int get_last(Queue q)		//finds the last element, returns its index, and moves the cursor there
	q->cursor = q->size-1;
	return q->cursor;

int main()
	Queue q1;
	q1 = create();
	/*	add(q1, 10);
	add(q1, 20);
	remove(q1); */

	return 0;

I dont know how to tag my header properly, the code tags arent working... so I guess Ill just paste it in bold letters... sorry


#ifndef QUEUEADT_H
#define QUEUEADT_H

#include <stdbool.h>

typedef struct queue_type *Queue;

Queue create();
void destroy(Queue q);
bool is_empty(Queue q);
bool is_full(Queue q);
void add(Queue q, int i);
int remove(Queue q);
void get_first(Queue q);
int get_next(Queue q);
int get_last(Queue q);


> typedef struct queue_type *Queue;
This should come AFTER your actual struct declaration.

remove is the name of a standard library function, choose another name.

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