I am trying to create an inventory GUI display for scool. I have this GUI class as part of a 4 class program. For some reason I thought that the last lines created buttons yet this program lacks them. I also hav problems having my main call the GUI to display, appearently it takes more than having [CDGui myGui = new CDGui();] in main. here is the GUI, can anyone tell me what I am missing?

 * Class to create Graphic user interface
 * to display inventory
// impotr GUI classes for program useage
import java.awt.event.MouseEvent;
import javax.swing.JTextField;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JLabel;
import java.awt.GridLayout;
import javax.swing.JButton;
import java.awt.event.MouseListener;
 * @author vincent herrmann
public class CDGui extends JFrame
    //variables for GUI
       private JLabel label1;
	private JButton button1;
	private JLabel label2;
	private JLabel label3;
	private JLabel label4;
	private JLabel label5;
	private JTextField ProductCode;
	private JTextField CDtitle;
	private JTextField Restock;
	private JTextField TotalValue;
	private JButton button2;

	* Required designer variable.
	private int length = 5;
	private int index = 0;

	private String cdname = null;
	private double productcode = 0;
	private double price = 0;
	private double inventory = 0;
	private double productValue = 0;
	private CDNames compactdisc[]= new CDNames[5];

	private JTextField Quantity;
	private JLabel label6;
	private JTextField TextField1;
         //variables for GUI
        private JTextField textField1;
        private JTextField textField2;
        private JTextField textField3;
        private JTextField textField4;
        private JTextField textField5;
        private JButton nextButton;
        private JButton previousButton;
        // GUI constructor
        public CDGui(CDNames[] cdInventory, int index)
            super( "C.D. Inventory");

           this.compactdisc = cdInventory;

         setLayout( new GridLayout());
         //create textfield with 2 columns

         textField1 = new JTextField( 2 );
         add( textField1 );

         //print out data
         textField2 = new JTextField( "C.D. Title"+ compactdisc[index].getCdName() );
         add( textField2 );

          textField3= new JTextField( "price "+compactdisc[index].getCdPrice() );

         textField4 = new JTextField("restock cost"+ compactdisc[index].getRestockValue() );
         add( textField4 );

         textField5 = new JTextField( "total value"+ compactdisc[index].totalvalue());
         add( textField5 );
       }// end constructor
        public CDGui()

		// TO DO: Add any constructor code after InitializeComponent call
		//openfile for icon picture box

		// array set up
		//CDNames compactdisc[] = new CDNames[5];
		double temp;
		temp = 10.99 * 1.05;
		compactdisc[0] = new CDNames( "Beatles", 10.99, 50, 12345,temp);

		temp = 10.99 * 1.05;
		compactdisc[1] = new CDNames( "Bread", 10.99, 30, 12346,temp);

		temp = 10.99 * 1.05;
		compactdisc[2] = new CDNames( "Fleetwood Mac", 10.99, 30, 12347,temp);

		temp = 10.99 * 1.05;
		compactdisc[3] = new CDNames( "Heart", 10.99, 25, 12348,temp);

		temp = 10.99 * 1.05;
		compactdisc[4] = new CDNames( "Vanhalen", 10.99, 40, 12349,temp);

		cdname = compactdisc[0].getCDName();
		productcode = compactdisc[0].getcdProductCode();
		price = compactdisc[0].getCdPrice();
		inventory = compactdisc[0].getcdinventory();
        nextButton = new JButton ("next");
        add (nextButton);// adds to jframe
        previousButton = new JButton ("previous");
        add (previousButton); // add to jframe
        }// end class CDGui

JFrames are invisible until you explicitly make them visible.
You have 2 constructors. If you call the first it adds labels but not buttons. If you call the second it adds buttons but not labels. You can't call both constructors for the same instance.