i can't write a code for a program.Please help me guys.
It goes like this:
Create a program that displays the total amount a company owes for a seminar.The seminar rate is $80/person.

The input is the seminar rate and the number of seminar registrants,which should be greater than 0 but less than 50.

Display an appropriate error message when the number of registrants is invalid.

Please post your attempt with questions, pertinent error messages, etc. Start with a bare bones Hello World type program that has two variables and the ability to output the value of those variable. then accept user input into one of the variables and be able to output the input. Then add error checking for the input. Finally, after you've got all of that working set up code to do the appriate calculation and output the results.

first step: Create a porgram. Create an empty program.

second step: Create storage for the seminar rate and number of seminar registrants.

third step: Request input

fourth step: Do the math

fifth step: put the result on the screen.