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you simply download the source and open the project file, the standard for C# is a Visual Studio solution. but whatever editor the source code project is written in is the best to use. Not likely its written with eclipse, but it might be.



I am new to C# and software development. I have a question. If I were to edit this project:

I think I need to:
Download Eclipse with C# plugin
Download source code of the project
Create a new C# project in Eclipse
Copy source code into Eclipse

Did I miss anything? Do I need to have something else installed on my PC in order to run the project within Eclipse?

Thanks a lot.


The steps you have defined sound about right. You will probably need to tell the Eclipse project what references to include, and there might be some project/solution settings to apply/reapply also. You can view the VS project file using notepad/text editor to see these settings applied for VS.

I haven't used Eclipse, and it sounds like maybe you haven't either. Since nobody else has prescribed any tips for you, I am guessing nobody else in here is using Eclipse either.

If you run into problems getting the XMLNotepad project/solution (whatever the project settings file is called in Eclipse) to build, I would suggest looking for a Forum that deals specifically with the Eclipse IDE. There might be a converter to do this too--I have not checked.


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