this is a c++ program for the simulation of gillians island i did. im a newbie in programming looking to improve on my skills. Can some assist me on how to break this code into functions. please dont rewrite the code i need just a sampler from code i can work from.

#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
int main(int argc, char *argv[])

long numRhinos = 0;
long rhinosEaten = 0;
long numPlants = 0;
long maxPlants = 0;
long plantsEaten = 0;
long numLions = 0;
long numHectares = 0;
int anotherYear = 1;
int year = 1;

// Have the user input the number hectares, plants, rhinos and lions.
cout << "Enter the number of hectares on Gilligan's Island: "<< endl;
cin >> numHectares;

cout <<"Enter the number of plants on Gilligan's Island: " << endl;
cin >> numPlants;
cout <<"Enter the number of rhinos on Gilligan's Island: " <<endl;
cin >> numRhinos ;

cout <<"Enter the number of lions on Gilligan's Island: " << endl;
cin>> numLions;

// Create a loop where the user decides if they want to proceed

cout <<"\nThis is Year \n" <<year<<endl;

cout <<"Predation is occurring....\n" << endl;

// check that the land can suppor the number of plants
maxPlants = numHectares*100000;
if(numPlants > maxPlants){
numPlants = maxPlants;

cout <<"The number of plants is: \n" << numPlants <<endl;

// calculate the number of plants eaten by rhinos.
plantsEaten = numRhinos*5000;
cout <<"The Number of plants require by the rhinos to feed is:\n" <<plantsEaten <<endl;
if(plantsEaten > numPlants) {
cout <<"\nThe Ecology Crashed." <<endl;
else {
numPlants -= plantsEaten;
cout <<"The number of plants is: \n" << numPlants <<endl;

// calculate the number of rhinos eaten by lions
rhinosEaten = numLions*50;
cout <<"The lions will eat %d rhinos.\n" <<rhinosEaten <<endl;
if(rhinosEaten > numRhinos) {
cout <<"\nThe Ecology Crashed." <<endl;
else {
numRhinos -= rhinosEaten;

cout <<"The number of rhinos is:.\n" << numRhinos <<endl;
// Start reproduction of plants, rhinos and lions

cout <<"Reproduction is occurring......\n" << endl;

numPlants *= 50;
cout <<"The number of plants is:\n" << numPlants <<endl;

if(numRhinos >= 2) {
numRhinos *=6;
cout <<"The number of rhinos is:.\n" << numRhinos << endl;

if(numLions >= 2) {
numLions *=2;
cout <<"The number of lions is:.\n" << numLions <<endl;


cout <<"\nDo you want the simulation to continue (Enter 1 for yes and 0 for no): " <<endl;
cin >>anotherYear;

} // end of while loop

cout <<"\nThis simulation has ended.\n" << endl;


Look at the code you have, divide it into chunks that make logical sense to be together. At a minimum, the input section and each of the calculations should be individual functions. You might have one function that groups all the calculations into a single call from the main( ).

Also, please use code tags to make your code more readable here.


your code goes here


Super!! thanks alot