I am working on a plain old simple text version of a memory game.
The player will be able to match letters of the alphabet by clicking on various numbers. For example

This is what the player will see:


but underneath that will be something like:


If user enters 1 and 6 they get a matching set and the letters underneath will display, if the user enters 3 and 4 the letters underneath will not display.

I am wondering what is the best way to go about programming a game like this. Should I use an array, 2d array, or arraylist. Any suggestions or examples will be wonderful

Thank you,

one 1D array (char type) should do the job... for storing the characters... their indexes will be used in comparing with the value entered by the user. if the character at the indexes (values) enered by the user are same then they will show, otherwise not...
I hope u got my point....

Yes, I think I got it. Thanks

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