hi guys.. my teacher told me to do a program for infix to postfix..

and the post fix evaulation..

I just wanna ask what to use, when making a program like this...

input: (a+b*c-d)

output: abc*+d-

is it really possible to input it once?


and btw, could you help me debugging if I had made a program?

thanks in advance guys.. :D

Use a Stack or a Queu. What have you made for yourself so far?

Just post your code if you have problems and we'll check it.

uhmm... i havent yet.. but i'll make one as soon as i could think of a code..

hehe.. thanks guys.

btw.. what is more simplier... stack or queue?

i have no idea of the two...

our proff discussed it but i like reading in the net than hearing his lessons..


Why do you think your prof mentioned stacks in the first place? Did you listen? If you like reading the net, you probably know there is lots off stuff about this subject. So come on man, get off that silly game you are playing and show us some coding efforts!

pls be patient sir... im sorry if im too slow..

If you understand the concept of a stack, you are half the way:)

The point ddanbe was trying to make is that at Daniweb we help those who help themselves :http://www.daniweb.com/forums/announcement61-2.html

Your lecturer would have given you the basic concepts that you need to use, your job is to understand them by reading about them and experimenting with them.

We will gladly help you locate and correct errors in your code, but you need to make a start on your own first , we can't do all the work for you :)

thanks guys... im still reading.. I have a copy of stack... but in C.. :( but i think i could make use of this.. and sorry im too slow.. so noob :(

Forget about C here! You must learn to think the OO way. Read this