I am sorry for interfering like this in between, but I am new to this community and I need some help, if anyone can spent their precious time in doing so.

Hi.I am working on a Java media player that uses Java Media Framework(JMF).I have designed the code for a player without a playlist and it works fine.However I wish to achieve two more things.

1. primarily I want to add a playlist (the usual one that anyone finds on standard players.), and
2.if possible, skin support too.

Having studied with whatever I could find in this regard I managed to workout with JSwingPane that could be used for playlist designing.However I am facing difficulties with linking this with JMF functioning.I rarely found documentation of any help available on net and so I need help.

Further I cannot find any books in regard with JMF and media player design so I am here,requesting for help.
Any help or reference to tutorial for JMF regarding this shall be highly appreciated and I will be highly grateful.

Please reply soon...

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It provides a sliding bar, not a scrolling bar, that "resizes" the two panels. You can, however, fix the slider position thereyby creating the exact "divider" that you want. You simply need to place each "half" on it's own panel, and those panels as the two "parts" of the splitpane.

Right, I understand that. But where exactly would I place it in my code? I tried applying it in different locations and it did not show on the final product. The code did compile successfully, but it did not show up in the program.

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