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If you tellme what exactly your math books says... or at least what the equation represents I can help you from there but just a picture isnt gunna cut it as I cant find that formula anywhere on google... Though just looking at it im pretty sure its one of Euler Maclaurin's summation formulas for polynomials..

I never would have guess but seems like you are doing intergrals of polynomials which means you want to do the anti-derivative... refer to calculus... so assuming that you are at that level and you know that a derivative is the "equation of the slope" of an equation at any given point... you want to go backwards... so that means you are given the "equation of the slope" and find the actual equation of the initial polynomial... This method is know as integrals... which is the same as finding the area under a graph such as a parabola so in this case physics and calculus can help you a lot... hope you took it in highschool...

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Mmm. well I can't tell you what the book says (it's albanian), i maybe could paint some formulas with paint, but I don't know which would help you?

p.s. I'm learning these in C++, not math (i know algorithms are math). We are learning loops (i think)...


lol wow what an intense book... in albanian and plus your actually gunna learn loops starting off with integrals oh man good luck in that class... when learning loops the first thing you learn it with is integers then variables not INTEGRALS that is something totally different and unless you know calculus, good luck lol, I guess i cant help cuz I cant read albanian but dam...


A few( maybe 2) for loops could solve this problem.

Have a for loop, for variable " i" and "a". The equation is pretty forward,
unless you don't know what the sigma notation does.

What is the "X" variable represents? Is it the user's input ?

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