I have installed NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 and installed the MinGW compiler
for the C/C++ plugin, all was ok until i have to use <ncurses.h> for a project and it doesn't exist.
Can you please tell me where to get it and how to install it???
plz...it's for a paper in my university.
I have to handle the program with something like this:

#include <ncurses.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    int X = 10;
    int Y = 10;
    int ch;
    move(Y, X);
        ch = getch();
        move(Y, X);
        printw(" ");
	    case KEY_UP: Y--; break;
            case KEY_DOWN: Y++; break;
            case KEY_LEFT: X--; break;
            case KEY_RIGHT: X++; break;
        move(Y, X);
    while (ch!=27);
    return 0;

Biggggggg THNX in advance.

thnx for the concern, i did before found this archive but
i don't know what to to do to make it work, copy some of the files
into the MinGW location, how i do it?
--- I 've Ubuntu on virtual, if i install gcc, i am ok? or i have to download some package and what and with what commands??

Looks like pdcurses need to be copied somewhere into the mingw directory. If you look at this page:


it should give you more information. In any case, from a quick glance it looks like mingw uses /mingw/mingw32/lib and /mingw/lib directories to store libraries it uses. I'd assume that you would copy the files to one of these directories. Sorry if I'm not much help. I've never used ncurses so I'm just googling so that I can learn something myself.

For Ubuntu, I believe that you'd need the ncurses development libraries as well. Use synaptic and run a search on ncurses. Looks like I have it installed as ncurses5-dev.