Hello everyone!
I have only one question.
I want to make a simple graphical installation wizard application which will run or not run few other executables (lets say their names are firefox.exe, msn-installer.exe and skype_installer.exe)
You will be able to decide which ones to run with checking or unchecking field in wizzard. There should be 3 steeps in wizard.
1. Welcome screen
2. Deciding which executables to run by checking and unchecking fields + also some text should be on that step
3. Finish screen + wizard run executables which all open in normal way (self windows, just like you double click them)

Could anyone make a tutorial?

However, graphic isnt so important at that stage... And yes, I'm using Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition

You will need to make three dialog boxes, one for each of the three windows. Each dialog box should nave a Previous and Next button in addition to the text and edit controls. After getting that done you can write the c++ code that makes all that work.

If you don't know how to make win32 api GUI, then here's a good tutorial.

Thanks a lot. I already started reading that tutorial It helps me a lot and you did too since i would never find such tutorial myself