i wanted a c program for aztec ecg data compression technique....plz i require it in 1 day...

Salam Sima,
no body is free to code for u, if u have a syntax or logical problem then ask.

i have the flowchart for the aztec program...so then can u help me get da c program 4 it????

commented: Do your own homework and learn proper English! -1

you may have an assignment or something like that, 1st of all we are not free to code ur problems from zero level.
you initiate, do some work....if stuck....then ask us, we are ready to help.
otherwise nobody will welcome u here.

Fraz Jamshed
Software Engg Student, Pak.

Well, if you have the f-chart then code it and let us see your difficulty if any. And mark you, we are not here to do your assignments for you. We only help