ı have a hw about multiplying very large numbers.For example we can't use standart data types for multiplying two numbers which have twenty digits two each.So the doctor wants me to achieve that by Link List.
i'm responsible that holding these large numbers (multiplicand,multiplier and result) in link list.And the program will update the result link-list while multiplying two link list.There is a diagram in attachment that tell my firework.(pay attention to base: the base can be a number from 2 to 10 and number's bases are equals to eachother)
the numbers , in other words; link lists and base must be read from a "input.txt" file.
an input file containing:
>the multiplicand
>the multiplier
>and the base (between 2 and 10 )
an output file is also containing
>the multiplicand
>the multiplier
>the result

the program wil be written in C

i' waiting your response....

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