I am required to make an online airline reservation system using C++. What information do I need before starting with the project in
terms of what I want to accomplish .

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Read the full assignment. It should all be there.

Or ask your tutor? I'm sure they must have included a specification, pretty dumb if they haven't :)

Er..they want you to make an online website using C++?? Or just some form of a client that can make hypothetical reservations on a C++ server? You can't really make a website using C++ because obviously the front end of a web page consists of xhtml/html. That a long with javascript and css. I know that ASP.net supports something like 40 plus languages in which C++ can be used for server side code but usually C#/VB are used since they were designed with this in mind. I don't really know of any web development platforms that use C++ as their back end language but I could be completely wrong.

I'm assuming they want you to make a C++ client which can make a reservation and then can make some sort of UDP/TCP connection to a C++ server which will take the information sent from your client and store it in some from of database.

Read the assignment outline more and we'll try and help some more.

RTE, I think you're reading too much into this. The airline reservation/seating problem is a common assignment in beginning programming course, as evidenced by the many times it's come up here.

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