Oddly, I am getting a similar problem, but mine seems not quite so simple:

import NsccLibrary.*;
import java.awt.Color;

 * This is a class in which tic-tac-toe boards will appear.
 * @author Darby McShain
 * @version 1.0

public class TicTacToeFoSho{

  private NsccWindow wind;
   * This creates the window and places the contents of TicTacToeFoSho within it.

  private NsccLine northWest;

  public TicTacToeFoSho( ) {

    // create the window
    wind = new NsccWindow(10, 10, 300, 300);
    wind.setTitle("Resistance (Statistically) Is Futile!");

        // create and place the head
    northWest = new NsccLine();
    northWest.setLocation(40, 40);


  public void drawTicTacToeBoard(int x, int y){

    NsccLine topLineHoriz;
    topLineHoriz = new NsccLine(0,30, 90, 30);

    NsccLine bottomLineHoriz;
    bottomLineHoriz = new NsccLine(0,60, 90, 60);

    NsccLine leftLineVert;
    leftLineVert = new NsccLine(30, 0,30, 90);

    NsccLine rightLineVert;
    rightLineVert = new NsccLine(0,30, 60, 90);



I am supposed to get a tic-tac-toe board in the pane. Instead I get:

File: C:\Documents and Settings\tech\Desktop\CSC 142\TicTacToeFoSho.java [line: 26]
Error: C:\Documents and Settings\tech\Desktop\CSC 142\TicTacToeFoSho.java:26: cannot find symbol
symbol : constructor NsccLine()
location: class NsccLibrary.NsccLine

From the error:

cannot find symbol
symbol : constructor NsccLine()

That means the class NsccLine doesn't have a constructor with no arguments