I more than half way through the book "Python programming for the absolute beginner" 2nd Ed. and things are really starting to get hairy. The book has me to write some code just before or after explaining each part. But I have to really concentrate on the paragraph I'M reading and jump back a few pages to see how and what part my code is doing in another part of the program. And I still sometimes get very frustrated and confused. Classes, Objects, Attributes, Constructors, privet & public, (self), (object)??? I think they need to brake programming books into at least two parts. The first without any OOP but that goes all the way through what it take to write programs, and a second one that teaches OOP and builds from the last book.
Does anyone have any good suggestions how how to learn this material? I feel like I need to see all the code beside the output/end result with lines going everywhere to I can follow every line of code.
I'M just tired of getting this frustrated. I gave up on C++ a long time ago. I think I gave up when I got to pointers but I know I was long lost before that. Thanks.