HI guys, I am having some trouble with some basic python. I need to make a function that reads a document and divides each sentence up and counts the lenght of the largest sentence. this is what i have so far

def linesize(F):
c= 0
W= open("file.txt")
X= W.read()
Xlines = X.split(".")
wordcount = len(Xlines)
print wordcount

this divides up the text into sentences but them it just adds them all up at the end.. any help would be appreciated. thank you guys

First, pls next time put code tags around your code :)
As for the program:

def lineSize():
    f = open( "filename.txt", "r" )
    lines = f.read()
    longestSentence = 0
    sentences = lines.split( "." )
    for sentence in sentences:
        if len( sentence ) > longestSentence:
            longestSentence = len( sentence )

    print longestSentence


This is a way of doing that. You'll probably have to deal with the \n and the punctuation as well :) Hope that helps!