Hello, and thank you for taking the time to help me! I am working on a Scheme procedure right now, which is supposed to read in integers until 0 is entered, and display the minimum of the integers (0 included). I have a question about the procedure, which is below. Keep in mind, I have only written ONE Scheme procedure thus far, which displayed the minimum of two integers, so it was much easier. So here is my question:

In the header, what do I put for the conditions after lambda? How do I tell the procedure that it needs to read in ints until 0 is entered?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Okay, I don't know if anyone on here programs in scheme really, but I am going to post my updated code anyway in hopes that someone can help me. I will be so appreciative to anyone who can help me out with this!

Here is what I have right now:

(define find_min (lambda args
                   (display (min args))                  

(display (find_min (read)))

But I have a feeling this is not right, because I get an error when I run the procedure. The error says this:

min: expects argument of type <real number>; given (1)

So I think that args is not what I really want after lambda. I want integers, not just arguments, so is there a way to do that? Otherwise, does this look somewhat right for finding the minimum of the ints entered?

Thank you, again!

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