Heres the situation so far.I'm in 9th grade and I've been programming in python. I enjoy python however, my high school doesn't offer any courses for python. In 11th and 12th grade, I can take C++. So here's my question:
Should I:
A) Learn python for the next to years then go into C++ for 11th and 12th grade
B) Start Learning C++ now, and continue with it through your high school years.
C) Learn Python for the next 4 years and not take programming courses in school
D) Other, please explain

Sorry if this is a double post. I posted this in the c++ section aswell, but both of these post will probably be bi-est, and I want to see both sides.

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Learn Python, and then slowly start licking some C++. Python will give you necessary programming skills and discipline

I think you should learn python now and later go into C++. Python will teach you programming and give you an object oriented way of thinking. This will be very useful for the C++ class. Later, you'll discover that it takes hundreds of lines to do in C++ what you can do in a few lines of python, but that C++ runs faster. I would not recommend C++ as a beginner's language.

The best beginner's language is Assembly code. It will teach you how amazingly convenient a high level language like Python is.

That is sarcasm, but just read my response to this post in the other forum

Sure, C++ is difficult for a beginner, but I recommend you go with it first *if* it is the only one being offered at your school. You will have the benefit of face to face support from your lecturers and peers (nothing beats that!). You may as well get it out of the way early with as much help as possible. Perhaps you can even continue with python in your spare time.

There are very good open source C++ compilers and IDEs available. Start taking some of your simple Python code and try to make it work with C++. You will find that these two languages complement each other very well.

I doubt that your high school goes much beyond very simple stuff anyway.

Promise me not to laugh, as you see the complexity of C++ compared to Python.

:) ...
C++ is much more at home in Computer departments, where you spend much time in arguing what pointer goes where and what causes the memory leak in your program.

Python is more at home in natural science or mathematics departments, where you want your program to accomplish a goal and move on.

Even competent programmers will never know all of C++. The bit of C++ you need to be proficient in is the C language.

You might point out that "if Python is good enough for MIT ..."


- Paddy.

You might point out that "if Python is good enough for MIT ..."

Or IBM...

Or NASA...

Or NFL...

Or NFL...

Or Google...

My oppinion: continue learning python,and later,when you get to 11th grade you can start to learn C++. Than you will see the difference between the two languages and level up your programming skill.
Untill than - have fun with Python.
my $.02

Or Google...

Actually, Google uses Python A LOT in their website and search engine. But they don't use C++.

Frankly, C++ and Python have their places. Tread them as tools, as these languages where written for different purposes.

It is my understanding that the folks at Google use a fair amount of C++ and Java, but tie/glue it all together with Python.

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